Growing A Beard

We've received countless questions about how to grow a beard and how to fill in patchy areas. While growing a beard really is easy, many men give up their efforts in frustration of growing and end up cutting the beard off due to not being able to grow it properly. We've found that many fall into the bag of common mistakes and abandoning their new starting growth of the beard too quickly. Our quick guide to growing a beard presents a method that will help you steer clear of beard-growing pitfalls and give you the confidence and determination to lead you to beard properly.

Step 1:

First one must have patience to commit to growing a beard. Whether or not you should grow a beard depends in large part on your family genetics. If you have developed enough facial hair to allow you to grow a beard, then you owe it to yourself to grow it out at and see if this style is for you. You may be so pleased with the results, even unexpectedly so, that you decide to keep the beard permanently. In short the choice is yours!

Step 2:

Next one must stop shaving and start growing! We know this is hard but its crucial to overall growth and attempts at getting the right products to maintain growth. This will help identify patchy areas and areas in which may need more attention. DO NOT shave for the first 4-5 weeks of growth this will halt the process of what you are trying to obtain long term. This is one of the most common errors is to attempt to start shaping or sculpting the beard too early in the process. Please keep in mind during this process you may itch do not let this deter you from growing the beard. Keep Going!

After four weeks, you can start shaping the beard. You will want to define a “neck line” along the bottom of your beard around the neck. This is probably best done by a professional barber or stylist if you have no experience.

Step 3:

Maintaining your beard.

Start by looking at our products under the shop section and find a beard balm and oil that suits your needs. Next invest in a trimmer and learn how to use it. Try out our SIRE beard washing shampoo for your beard to use as shaving agent as well. Then pat your beard gently dry with a towel. Blow drying is not necessary and not recommended. Then apply our beard oil or balm and start conditioning and shaping your beard to your desired position.

If you have questions feel free to inbox us and thanks for loving your life and loving your beard!

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