Beard Balm vs. Beard Oil

Beard balm or Beard oil which is better is a question we get asked all the time. Candidly, it really depends on the man and his needs. Beard balm will help shape the beard to your desired shape while beard oil simply will be the base meat and potatoes of the look you want to achieve.

Beard balm is similar to an all in one shampoo as it conditions, moisturizes and styles the beard. The beauty of beard balm is that will make the beard look fuller while controlling it and shaping it.

Beard oil on the other hand conditions, moisturizes the skin underneath, reduces itch and softens the beard hair when used properly. Beard oil is also a leave in conditioner that willnmake the beard look fuller and feel softer as well as promote growth. In short, beard oil is essential for maintaining beard hair.

When beard balm and beard oil are used in conjunction your beard will look revitalized and feel refreshed. Try out some of our beard balms and beard oils as we pride ourselves on giving our customers all natural products that are of high quality carrier oils and high quality essential oils so that you never have to second guess what is nourishing your beard.

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